Practical step-by-step help to build a cohesive online brand.

Expert training, mentoring & resources for purpose-driven female business owners on how to practically apply your brand online and unleash your potential.


✔️ Nail your website & Instagram

✔️ Leverage your brand

✔️ Grow your dream business

Are you ready to build out an incredible online brand but you’re not sure how?

When you're turning your passions into a purposeful business there is so much to do.


You’re not a brand designer, photographer, website designer, copywriter or social media manager, but suddenly you’re expected wear ALL of these hats when you consider the practical things you need to do to grow your brand.

✔️ Build & launch your website

✔️ Craft your visual identity

✔️ Clarify your message

✔️ Design your graphics in Canva

✔️ Lead magnet & sales funnel

✔️ Style your Instagram

✔️ Plan a personal branding shoot

✔️ Improve your photography

✔️ Get to grips with SEO

The Brand Retreat | Learn how to set up your online brand and build your own website

Setting up your brand can feel like A LOT, especially if you don’t feel very creative or tech-minded.

You sit down to make a start on your website, design some Canva graphics or plan your Instagram posts and hours later you end up feeling like…

I have literally no idea where to start with building my website

I don't know how to translate my brand vision into a consistent style for Instagram.

I have no idea what to do with my fonts, colours and brand assets.

I’m completely overwhelmed by the templates in Canva, how am I supposed to choose?

The Brand Retreat | Palm
The Brand Retreat | Practical branding and website support for female led businesses and career changers

Your time is your most precious possession.

What if rather than wasting hours figuring things out, you could get practical help in the areas that will have the greatest impact on your brand?

The Brand Retreat | Sea
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Lucy | Dorset Brand & Website Designer and Photographer | The Brand Retreat


Hello, I'm Lucy

I'm a brand and website designer and photographer - a one-woman creative agency dedicated to helping female businesses to thrive.

I have helped hundreds of passionate small business owners grow their online brands, and I want to help you do the same.

By exploring your brand whilst levelling-up your practical skills, your brand has the focus and support it needs to grow, and become everything you imagine.

In the sea of noise, your brand is the differentiator that will set you apart, and attract and connect with your ideal customers.

The Brand Retreat Dorset England | DIY Website Design and Branding Support

Online brand mentoring & courses

Take the guesswork out of setting up your brand

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How to DIY your own website | The DIY Website Bootcamp by The Brand Retreat

Master Your DIY Website Build

Become a website warrior!

Overcome your website-paralysis with my guidance and finally create an online home to be proud of!

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How to craft your visual brand identity | The Brand Retreat for female business owners and career changers

The Insta-style Bootcamp

Cultivate your Insta-style!

Learn how to translate your brand vision into a cohesive style for Instagram so you can cut through the noise.

The Brand Retreat | Learn how to set up your online brand and build your own website

Unlock your online magic.

Lucy is a once in a lifetime find.

She was fundamental to getting my business ready for launch and was so encouraging and supportive all the way through the process. We worked together on developing branding, building my website and a personal brand photo shoot too.


Practical Branding and DIY Website Courses for female business owners
Learn how to set up your brand and website online so you can grow your business
The Brand Retreat | Practical Branding & DIY Website Design Courses

Finally get your brand working for you

Ready to unlock the power of  your brand online?
The Brand Retreat | How to build and online brand

✔️ Decide on a website platform for my small business

Download: Is WiX the right platform for your DIY website build?

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