Become a website warrior.

Expert step-by-step guidance for business owners and creatives to finally build and launch your own Wix website, but without any of the guesswork, stress and overwhelm.


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Are you overwhelmed or struggling to know where to start with building your website..?

It’s 'SO EASY' they said…so easy that ANYONE can do it. So why does building your website feel so overwhelming?!

You know you need a website to look professional and you’ve tried SO many times to make a start. Maybe you’ve researched the platforms…played with the templates…perhaps even started making customisations. But for some reason you always end up overwhelmed, frustrated and not sure how to move forwards.

Building your own website can feel really hard.

Whatever you do doesn’t feel good enough and to make matters worse, all of your competitors seem to have COMPLETELY NAILED IT.

You're fed up of watching from the sidelines, missing out on leads but you feel STUCK. Plus there’s this thing called SEO that you haven't got a clue about!

It's easy to see why so many small business owners give up on the DIY website dream and pay a designer instead…or persevere and create a sub-optimal site that doesn't do their business justice.

You're not a website designer, so how can you be expected to know what to do? Be gentle with yourself.

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But what if I told you DIY’ing your website build didn't have to be hard..?

My lovely, there is another way...

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Let's take the stress out of your website build


Become a website warrior

Register your interest today for DIY Website Mastery and commit to overcoming your website-paralysis once and for all!


Build your WiX website along with me

Learn my step-by-step process to DIY your own website so you can finally create an online home to be proud of.


Grow the business of your dreams

Launch your website and take control of the steering wheel of your business. The only limit is your imagination!

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Hello, I'm Lucy

I'm a brand and website designer and photographer. A one-woman creative agency supporting other women to flourish in their brands.


I know how it feels to be on a mission to build a passion-driven, purpose-led business doing what you love. I also know how overwhelming it can be wearing all of those hats at once.

Through my client work, I have helped hundreds of passionate small business owners grow their online brands, and I can help you do the same.

How to DIY your Wix website


Join me to learn my step-by-step process to create your WiX website faster and without the overwhelm.

I will walk you through the exact process I use when crafting brilliant websites for my clients.

I'm sharing everything you need to know to be able to create a holistic, balanced website that Google will love as much as your customers. I’m lifting the lid and spilling all of my secrets - STRATEGY, STRUCTURE, STORY, STYLE & SEO.


Because, my lovely, I don't want you to wait any longer to get started on growing a business you love! 


You deserve to step into your Dharma by building and launching that website, so that you can create the impact (and life) that you dream of!

Tech overwhelm and website-paralysis shouldn't come between you and your business dreams - You DESERVE a website that supports your vision.


Is the DIY Website Mastery right for you?

Are you a female founder looking to DIY a website for your service based business who's not afraid to get stuck in?

Do you want a professional quality website without the designer price tag? And to get it right first time?


We might just be a perfect match...


✔️ You're a female founder with a dream

You’re a purpose led business owner or creative with a service based business. You may also want to add a simple shop / bookings in the future.

✔️ You want to be in control of your website

You can't justify paying for a designer right now and you don’t want to be tied to a designer for updates as your business evolves.

✔️ You want the build itself to feel simple

You want to build in an easy-to-use, great all round website building platform (WiX) and want your web updates to feel like a treat, not a chore.

✔️ It's your time to shine

You want to launch or take your business to the next level and you’re committed to making this YOUR TIME to finally nail the website that will elevate your business to new heights.

✔️ You're not afraid of getting stuck in

You’re open to learning and doing the work to dig deep on your story and mission. To finally build and launch your own website.

✔️ You want a helping hand

You’re pretty sure you’d get it quickly if only someone would show you the right way to do it!


Own your website.
Unleash your online magic.

✔️ Decide on a website platform for my small business

Download: Is WiX the right platform for your DIY website build?

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Finding Lucy has transformed my business and put my brand out in a professional and beautiful way.

The best thing about Lucy is that she is really knows her stuff - brand advisor, photographer, website expert and all round small business supporter and champion - I can't recommend her highly enough.



Finally create the website you are proud to share!

Ready to unleash your inner website warrior?
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